Thursday, October 27, 2005

the tag continues..

thanks for the tag Msanii and Kipepeo
i think i should finally do this thing man...
so here goes..

10 Years ago..

1995, primary school..enjoying the ignorance is bliss life.Trying to sneak past my bros to watch some Neighbours was the Mission Impossible of the day. TLC, Kriss Kross,Tevin Campbell were the jam! , Jimmy Gathu was the celeb and watching those 6 o'clock KTN music shows was the best source for beats. Got my first cd- Luniz -I got 5 on it. Had a gigantuous crush on the alpha boy in the class, bladda/elastics was going out fashion so we started playing Spit to deathly proportions, yani losing a game called for nothing short of a hitman for payback. Also going through an awkward invisible period, couldnt speak around unknown people, in public...hard times...finally handled it though and I think that was the year I stopped dealing with stress by chewing the collars of my tshirts. Made some amazing friends who are still dear to this day...still kumbuka singing the Knorr soup (turn on the stove, cut the sachet...pour it in...gonna make-a-ma-day) and Zwistal baby song during break..good times...

5 Years ago...

2000..Last years of high school(i am hereby dated), was the best of times , was the worst of times..Those bloody exams were always looming overhead...and plans for the future were vague yet interrogated for at least once a week(kind of like now). But for that madness was an unsurmountable joy of friendship that is unparalleled to this day...Who likes who, 'ati they did what at the rev?'....Paradise Lost was a weekend plan...Those school free periods that were apparently for studying were spent trying to derail guys into playing cards, hide and seek (our last grasp at childhood). Once over the bitterness of not being a prefect I was able to kula mwenjoyos of an untidy uniform, skipping class, late homework, abusing teachers(ok not the last one really ..but some of those teachers..hmmm) -all concious free! And some more good music that of my favourites..I wanna dance tonite...toast tonite..Lucy Pearl!..Koffee Brown..India Arie...Discovered Coldplay...and oh how good Chris Martin and co. have been to me since....

1 Year ago...

This date exactly,was probably debating US politics with a friend since it was one week before the ill-fated elections and destiny lay teetering and tottering on the right impregnation of a chad , yet alack and alas...nothing changed and they reinstated that Texan dulah to power..tsk. ...Only bought one cd last year..may have been more from lack of cash than inspiration...


Woke up and watched jamie foxx then slept again till Seinfeld and Oprah and Ellen..then slept again..then went on the phone..then watched My Name is upset cus The Office didnt come...Ahhh the unenviable life of the unemployed...Shud have slipped in some job applications somewhere...meh..anyway, another day, another dollar- not...

A few of my favorite things

5 places I would run to:

-Kenya- anywhere...the coast,a tent in the wild,a tree in Kiambu,the thick of River Roadie...tis a magical place..
-Vietnam- something about that country enchants me...
-Peru- particularly Lake Titicaca..a blog previous ranted about it so ill spare the replay..But also Machu Picchu...In this Im gonna add that place that they went to in Motorcycle Diaries in
-a place where all my family and friends would a party or something
-for the here and now...Id run to somewhere that will employ me to do what I want to do...

5 Things I would never wear

-like Kipepeo have to say that things that high ride..em no no
-pleated pants or ai
-platform shoes..the Spice Girl ones..
-Hammer style balloon pants...can't touch that!

5 favorite shows

man,I have soo many...Im going to short list into what has the best memories tied to it..not necessarily the favourite right now:
-Cosby Show
-Jamie Foxx Show
honourable mention: , China Beach, Fresh Prince,The Wonder Years, Junior Quiz, The Littlest Hobo, Highway to Heaven, Roswell, Gabriels Fire , CSI, Joe Millionaire season 1,A League of Gentlemen, Cold Case, Nip/Tuck, Ruth Rendell Mysteries, Seinfeld, That 70's show, The Office...the list goes on...

5 Things I would do with 100 milion dollars.

Pay my parents back for my education,
Buy them and my bros whatever they want..
Travel even Antartica
Set up an NGO and travel setting up branches and doing community service...
Buy myself into Broadway...

5 Greatest joys.

-Being with my whole family(its been tooo long)..
-Chilling with my friends, joking around, heckling..Laughing till im tired..
-Alone watching the rain fall..
-Finding that new musician thats just off the hinges and gettin more of their music and not gettin disappointed...
-helping someone..(such cheese..hehhe)

5 Songs I know the words to

-the aforementioned Knorr soup song
-Waterfalls- TLC
-Behind the Wall- Tracy Chapman
-Superwoman- Karyn White (since I was 6)
-Angel - Sarah McLachlan..
have to mention..-Gangsta's Paradise -Coolio

5 snacks

peanut M&M's that a snack?
Starbucks muffins

that was mob work...aii....
I now tag thee..

Poetycally ,Kishawi, M, Prousette, Ms.K

mind thou, if thou hasnt been tagst beforeth..then disregardest..

Monday, October 03, 2005

bjOrK!! ... bless you!

from absentia i have returned! someone must have missed me somewhere!
so I just had to post this kool thing that I saw on Kipepeo's site and had to go do...
I AM apparently THIS BJORK SONG....

All is Full of Love
You're "All is Full of Love"! You
appreciate the true beauty of love, and seek it
all around you. You should appreciate your

Which Bjork Song Are You (complete)?
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