Thursday, December 20, 2007

i love lots of music..i cant even really name a favourite artists because they come from such different spectrums; or perhaps one has a song thats just so off the hinges that it is necessary for them to receive a ranking despite the rest of their track record not proving to be so stellar (e.g Hope - 'Rain Dont Last' amazing song, the rest: not soo sure about) ...So anyway I often come across an artist who Im just like 'wat?! where have you been all my life?!' and maybe theyve been around and I chose to ignore them or wasnt aware until one day it just hit me like whoa (this happened with Floetry) or maybe theyve just come into the game and I have luckily found out about in some obscure manner or form (Lupe Fiasco, Robin Thicke, Coldplay)...but anyway, everytime it happens its like drugs...Seriously its: the syringe is full, the beats are injected into the veins, infused with the blood and consequently- the music makes me higgggghhhhh! i know.....i sound stoned but really....Bob Marley said it best: ''one good thing about music , when it hits you, you feel no pain'....true true true! a good song truly brings the definition of the word 'hit' alive..!
Anyway, thing that led me to want to write this is this new artist I found from someones computer the other day and if you like folk music (I said I like everything...a hoe to the rhythm) Damien Rice-esque stuff then you'll love this guy (if youve not heard of him already that is-of course, I may just be the one who him found in slow motion here...and if so then i believe the slow motion was for dramatic effect- so that the acoustics could really make their moves on me)....Aaannyyway..his name is Joshua Radin and I dont think enough people I know know about him, so heres two of his songs...

And I absolutely love 'Say' by John Mayer...and cant wait to watch 'The Bucket List' just because of it
...and also 'The Debators'

felis navidad ladies and gents...*may the music be with you*



just found this in previous unposted blogs...not really as angry anymore..but since im still having the bloggers block may as well publish....[if the language offends, for forgiveness i beg...:-)]:

some time back someone said what I thought was one of my pretty fscking funny blogs was shit...although I kazad..honestly, I was broken...a little comment can cut cut me deep man..cut to the marrow! Worse still..that same day I happened upon Milo's blog...Suffice to say salt was sufficiently rubbed, then marinated into the wound...And so began a bloggers block that just resulted in half-arsed blogs, lots of music posts and old poetry to stay in the game.
But I think Im back, I hope Im back...Im back for me and noone else- cus I need this..this ranting on here is my blog-therapy and an unprejudiced forum. So it doesnt matter if I get zero comments/ readership because HELL- this is MY blog...I didnt start it for anyone, or for it to even to be read..I wrote it so that my thoughts random, significant, inane, insane or otherwise would be journaled somewhere I could find at anytime, anywhere. Perhaps I too fell into the trap of trying to write for a reader...[comment in the inbox becomes like a scratching comb to a crackhead] I was stifled and perhaps really wasnt true in my blogation. So I dont know if it was the comment that led to my blogger block or perhaps the realisation of my 'ingenuineness' but watever it was back! And if its not interesting or funny then SHIT.. such is the reality and ill just have to damn deal with it some way(weeping in the shower?) other than muting this- my ME space..mine...!!