Thursday, March 31, 2005

So last week we watched this documentary about Rwanda-'The Last Just Man' - if u can get it..get it.So i watched and im like ok..this is like many other documentaries ive watched...(this one was about General Dallaire and his efforts to save as many Rwandans as he could despite Security Council opposition but still thinks that he failed). Movies like Hotel Rwanda have now brought awareness to the fore..etc..But the saddest part- wasnt the was the people who came up at the end to vibe. Two of the three were survivors who had to hide under bodies, in bushes to save their lives; their faces just after watching that documentary were what did it for me.Two sides of the anguish spectrum- one looking livid, one almost with tears. And here is where the real message was clear, these were real people..i know people always say this..but for real..they were REAL..and talking about it.And also here were people speaking about the UN and the West with dissapointment ( to put it midly )- and its for real..not just the diluted kind of protest fueled by the price of a Coke. You know we were just there..right there in door..young so couldnt really do anything..but right there!
So ..enter Darfur 2005: we are right there..right next door.And we can do something. Someone who reads this may REALLy be able to do something..the resources are available! But then we live in Kenya that has its own problems - some might say - but when hundreds of thousands die- tsunamis x ??- every month can we really reduce this to nationalism? We cannot! Like Angie (holla!) said - this could happen today in Kenya!..Kambas and Kyuks fighting over that land between Komarock and Kangundo - yeh im trivialising..But you know what - Tutsi were 'taller' hence better- triviality apparently never stopped a genocide. I dont know what to do personally, Im hopelessly idealistic but my prof said this "I help one person, and that person helps one person and I've done 100% of me" -A.A-...It seems like a solid starting point...Pay it forward- a damn good movie that gave me a fuzzy feeling inside...but it really is time to stop watching and get busy doing!

Monday, March 21, 2005

curBaGe part 2

so im back...a few hours later..the essay im trying to write is really boring..and i find myself browsing hi5 a little too much! still imbued with the fervence of a flame I was doing some Lamaz polite..trying to relax...(Lamaz u ask? well whats the difference with me and a pregnant woman anyway??- at least she has the excuse of a foetus growing inside her)
Then I hear 'so gone' by Monica...ahh thanguu Miss Thang! Such meaning in her words...such precision!..Given, her story is a bit psycho, (burning digs's and things isnt on the 'to do' list- si thats whats in the video?) but you know I understand her man...we're here- eye level baby!! 'Silly old me'- may those words be emblazoned on the inside of my retina next time!


you know you dont really know the meaning of 'kicked to the curb' till you KNOW the meaning of it! I now know I know the true meaning and I dont like tastes like concrete mixed with cigarette butts and muddy water shoved down your throat into your lower right ventricle!

-that is all- there is no more-

obnoxious colours can capture negative zeal quite eloquently, dont you think?!