Monday, January 26, 2009

Spring - a poem by Jam es Mui ruri


On a bus window

I look to the world under the sun

The sky is crystal blue

And overlooks the clouds below

Hanging heavy and low…

Underneath stretch the greens

Surrounded by beautiful trees

The flowers blossom away past the horizon,

In the midst crosses a lonely railway

And the sight captures a moment

Too overwhelming to say…

As I watch the true picture of nature,

Along unfolds the perfect setting of thoughts of my

I know now that…

Away from life’s daily struggles,

Of failures and enduring endless hurdles,

There exists colour and beauty

And this world is colourful and beautiful

I sit on this lonely bus

My mind shifting across time..

To the past, back to the bus and to things to come

I know the bus will slow down

And come into halt¬

And I will come out and disappear in the streets

And melt in city life’s heat

My soul will revert to the small fraction of life

Insignificant from the skies..

-Ja mes Ng'a ng'a Ka riuki Mu iruri

Its still not real James. Its still not real.
Theres so much I want to say,so much to say that despite differences, you were truly a friend and I loved you.
Your time on earth was well spent, you were a blessing to many.
Thank you for being in my life, I feel honoured to have known you.

Love you and miss you.