Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dear Kenya,

We've been together a lifetime and things have been good. I cant complain. Through hard times and good times I have always felt safe with you. I have always felt like we were family and although there were differences between us, they complimented each other - they were our strength. But now these same differences are ripping us apart. Maybe we should have dealt with them earlier, acknowledged their presence from the get-go. I think that maybe we had too many good times and went to bed on the bad times hoping to wake up with a clear head. Sweeping too many of our issues under the carpet so that the guests wouldn't have to bear with them when they came to enjoy our gorgeous home. These past few months we've been through a lot of painful battles and we're wounded, we're beaten down, we're broken. I think its time we deal with it, I want us to make love..not war.I may sound idealistic but I think we can do it..we've been through worse, (I shudder when I think of what it took to get rid of that other subjugating woman...!)..I wrote you a little poem...
Blood shed is red,
Land pillaged was once green,
But the desire for peace burns in our hearts,
And for our children we weep...
I'll love you till the end of time,
So Kenya will you please be my valentine xoxoxoxo

Love Luna