Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm it!

I have been tagged, thanks Kipepeo...
....So yeh heres the rules
Link to the person that tagged you. - Post the rules on your blog. - Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself. - Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. - Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website
I have actually been tagged by Msanii to a similar one to this (that) before and I actually started writing it but never finished and then forgot then remembered then couldnt think of 8 things to fill the list with and yeh so I abandoned that effort ...but then about a month after that there I was googling myself and found that I had been tagged for the same thing about 4 months before that by Mental Acrobatics...sorry to you both for my tardy response..So about now I have like about 25 things Im meant to reveal about myself but since I had problems with the original 8, I think I'll do a compromise of 12 random things about myself...ok so...

1. I can lick my nose (thought everyone could do this until my friends told me that no not everyone can and how weird it was)

2. I have never hit anyone in anger

3. I can drink as much tea as you can give me whenever,wherever, boiling 35C weather..whatever...

4. I didnt know that in the HeMan and Sheera theme songs they are saying 'by the power of Grey Skull' until about 6 months ago..I have always thought they said 'by the power of Gresco' and that this was the land where they dwelled - Gresco.

5. I have never had a proper boyfriend

6. I had watched Eddie Murphy uncensored 'Raw' and 'Delirious' several times by the time I was 11 (older brothers exposed mine innocent eyes whence i was but a tiny tot ) and can blame my sometimes explicitly potty-mouthed humour (in person, not on my - Im civil) on these influences.

7. It is becoming increasingly evident that I apparently cant drink or eat anything without dripping some of it on myself. Hence drinking or eating around desired males has become progressively stressful with the attempts to fluidly connect charming cheery banter with the hand to mouth co-ordination which is most conducive to non-spillage (possibly related cause of no.5? )

8. I buy books, before Ive finished another one, Im currently reading about 5, and have been reading them for about a year or so.

9. I voted for Kalonzo and feel cheated.

10. I LOOOVVEEEEE wikipedia and can spend hours linking from one piece of information to the next to the next to the next.....(possibly related cause of no.5? )

11. I love cats and 2-4 year olds (those are 2 points I know but I put them in one - cus they have similar cuteness factor in my mind)

12. I talk out of the side of my mouth, because I have a kinda crooked jaw...So perfectly serious conversation with me can sometimes start to look like a Joe Pesci/Sylvester Stallone heh, you kapiche??

Ok so thats it...wasnt as hard as I thought it would be...thanks for the tags lovely people....and so I now blaze the torch onwards and forwards.....toooo the 5 most recent (this could go back like over a year if youre wondering when on earth you commented here...yeh traffics been that non-existent) guests to my blog:

Msanii(backatcha padre...cus technically this isnt the same one you sent me...mwahaharrr); Kenyatta Grey; Boyfulani; Makanga;Lukas and my girl...Soul Systah !

* peace * (...really)