Monday, November 13, 2006


so i made some observations recently that i feel i want to bloggate...them being FIRST: Kenyan radio plays 'rock' music..ok. But the advert for the FUSE rock show on Capital includes that song by Lucas Prata about eggs? 'mayahi...maya huu...maya ha ha'...isnt it a dance song? I get very frustrated with the Kenyan definition of rock! dance , techno is not rock!! coldplay is NOT rock! and my gosh Knickleback for watever it NOT rock..infact- it is NOT apologies to any Knickleback fans (and for some reason there are tooo many Kenyans ones!?!?)...but in my opinion Knickleback are to rock what kenya are to the winter olympic giant slalom race..a non-entity! SECOND: what are those afro weaves with the polka-dots about? you know the ones with patches of colour- sometimes blond, sometimes red..sometimes the fro is red then the dots black..I actually saw this on top model some years back and needless to say the Jays and Tyra were like ''mmm girl...nah nah we need to shave this off!' at that time i couldnt really see what was so bad about it but now having seen one first hand i fully understand..they just look ridiculous! they look like you were in a fight with a polka dot machine and hieeyah.. that polka dot machine came in Conjestina-to-an-Argentinian-boxer like and k'od ure ass!THIRD: why are there bumps around Nairobi that have been chipped away? like who comes and chips them away? and when? arent there cars going over the bumps? and if they do do it in the dead of the night, why? whats the inspiration...? i really actually would like to know what happens,if anyone can it like the matatu cartel that wants bumps taken out so they can drive faster? are people using used tarmac as a commodity? really...i am curious...FOURTH: if anyone in KE watched Project Fame this Saturday youd have seen Sheila Mwanyiga hosting and being very shocked that Tina's (Tanzanian contestant) boyfriend had come to support her before she possibly got evicted..Why was Sheila soo shocked? WHY? because Kenyan men are hopeless and wouldnt go all the way to TZ, let alone Kisumu to go support their girlfriends who were possibly being evicted..theyd maybe watch it with the boys in between the football match downtimes and possibly send a text and that would be the extent of it!! So Sheila was just generally expressing real genuine surprise..this is not a behaviour shes familiar with...Sheila was the Steve Irwin(bless his heart-R.I.P)- this loving Tanzanian man- a very rare species of crocodile that has strayed into a foreign habitat..Disclaimer: I am currently an embittered Kenyan woman..this fourth point is just today morning, it will probably be discarded within the all Kenyan men who may read sorry , i dont mean you..not really...And i say itll be discarded within the week cus truly Kenyan men, or any other men for that matter,for all the confusion they cause can be excellent :-) FIFf: this is more of a personal life observation but Ive been thinking that being negative is just not helpful..Of course this is highly contradictory to all the points previous but I was just thinking about it yesterday and really..why be negative? I know why Im negative sometimes..its so that I dont create expectation and then Im not really dissapointed..the 'pessimists are never dissapointed'philosophy ive expressed before..But really isnt it just cowardice for life in a way?..It perpetuates the mediocre and it can make you think less of people when really who made you the judge of whether someone is this or that..Ive blogged this before but again I think I need to just start getting the anger I have for someone off my chest immediately instead of hoarding it and just have those 'ashindwe' moments where I exorcise the negativity and move on..positively galavanting and painting the town carpediem-colour! So I figure these observations...particularly no4 are the 'ashindwes'...lets see how this positive thing goes...

this Matisyahu (thanks to hanyee for reminding me bout this thru ure blog) guy is interesting...finya play!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

for being oh-so-fresh-tah-def...i hereby post my favourite of the Lupe Fiasco songs ive heard so far...

p.s.this man is oh so...oh-so-fly!! can someone ship me a photocopy!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

for being able to make me cry even six months after its release i hereby post Anthony Hamilton's...


Another day
Chance to make another chance
A fragile place
Running on empty
A smile so faint
Barely even breaks the space
World’s on shoulders now

Don’t be afraid
He who knows will make a way
His word alone is what has kept me
Born the Son, King of eternal peace
Lay your burdens down

If you catch me dreaming
Please don’t wake me till I'm done
Just leave me sleeping
Until the morning comes
Just pass me over
Make believe that I'm not there
Just leave me be
Until the Savior comes

Another night
Makes a way to the morn
Sleep in peace, joy come early
A covered child, steps away victorious
Salvation holds joy for all of us

Pass me over
Pass me over
Pass me over
Till the Savior comes

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


i was laughing today as i read the terms as to which one can be forcibly withdrawn from a cooperative. You have to be:
-expelled for criminal or prejudicial behaviour

-certifiably insane..

What exactly is insane?...I work with some characters who Im not sure should even join cus surely theyve already been disqualified..?

Thursday, November 02, 2006

...random pseudo-spiritualities and such...

today...i saw them pulling down some billboards..and you know how you just come and you find the new flashier billboard and you wonder ..when did they do that?..espescially the really big ones..And although Ive seen one being changed before.. it really struck me for some reason today...And fully aware its an inanimate object I felt sad for the old one for some reasons...thinking about what happens to it...its discarded...erased and replaced and unless you saw it happening- we dont even know when it happened and sometimes you dont even noticed it changed till days later...doesnt life breezes past fast?..Living in the village, everyone, Im sure, used to notice if Mama Nduku placed the rock on the other side of her hut door...?
I think this has something to do with watching 'Diary of a Mad Black Woman' last night....

Then the other day I was driving down James Gichuru and the jacaranda flowers were raining on the was beautiful...In this concrete tarmac jungle of mats and cars and people rushing home etc..these jacaranda trees were still doing the nature thing..(in slow motion- it felt like ) and even though the flowers were going to be squashed by cars or wipered away in seconds..they looked pretty falling...and i started thinking about how in that moment I could see the see the cycle of life and feel natures breath into eternity no matter what we do to suffocate it
....Then a car hooted and i snapped out of my useless psuedo-bohemian moment...

And for the greatest lesson I learnt yesterday..

a lesson about Grace....

Nelson Mandela sent his condolences to P.W.Botha's family...???!...gathoz..!