Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm it!

I have been tagged, thanks Kipepeo...
....So yeh heres the rules
Link to the person that tagged you. - Post the rules on your blog. - Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself. - Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. - Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website
I have actually been tagged by Msanii to a similar one to this (that) before and I actually started writing it but never finished and then forgot then remembered then couldnt think of 8 things to fill the list with and yeh so I abandoned that effort ...but then about a month after that there I was googling myself and found that I had been tagged for the same thing about 4 months before that by Mental Acrobatics...sorry to you both for my tardy response..So about now I have like about 25 things Im meant to reveal about myself but since I had problems with the original 8, I think I'll do a compromise of 12 random things about myself...ok so...

1. I can lick my nose (thought everyone could do this until my friends told me that no not everyone can and how weird it was)

2. I have never hit anyone in anger

3. I can drink as much tea as you can give me whenever,wherever, boiling 35C weather..whatever...

4. I didnt know that in the HeMan and Sheera theme songs they are saying 'by the power of Grey Skull' until about 6 months ago..I have always thought they said 'by the power of Gresco' and that this was the land where they dwelled - Gresco.

5. I have never had a proper boyfriend

6. I had watched Eddie Murphy uncensored 'Raw' and 'Delirious' several times by the time I was 11 (older brothers exposed mine innocent eyes whence i was but a tiny tot ) and can blame my sometimes explicitly potty-mouthed humour (in person, not on my - Im civil) on these influences.

7. It is becoming increasingly evident that I apparently cant drink or eat anything without dripping some of it on myself. Hence drinking or eating around desired males has become progressively stressful with the attempts to fluidly connect charming cheery banter with the hand to mouth co-ordination which is most conducive to non-spillage (possibly related cause of no.5? )

8. I buy books, before Ive finished another one, Im currently reading about 5, and have been reading them for about a year or so.

9. I voted for Kalonzo and feel cheated.

10. I LOOOVVEEEEE wikipedia and can spend hours linking from one piece of information to the next to the next to the next.....(possibly related cause of no.5? )

11. I love cats and 2-4 year olds (those are 2 points I know but I put them in one - cus they have similar cuteness factor in my mind)

12. I talk out of the side of my mouth, because I have a kinda crooked jaw...So perfectly serious conversation with me can sometimes start to look like a Joe Pesci/Sylvester Stallone heh, you kapiche??

Ok so thats it...wasnt as hard as I thought it would be...thanks for the tags lovely people....and so I now blaze the torch onwards and forwards.....toooo the 5 most recent (this could go back like over a year if youre wondering when on earth you commented here...yeh traffics been that non-existent) guests to my blog:

Msanii(backatcha padre...cus technically this isnt the same one you sent me...mwahaharrr); Kenyatta Grey; Boyfulani; Makanga;Lukas and my girl...Soul Systah !

* peace * (...really)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dear Kenya,

We've been together a lifetime and things have been good. I cant complain. Through hard times and good times I have always felt safe with you. I have always felt like we were family and although there were differences between us, they complimented each other - they were our strength. But now these same differences are ripping us apart. Maybe we should have dealt with them earlier, acknowledged their presence from the get-go. I think that maybe we had too many good times and went to bed on the bad times hoping to wake up with a clear head. Sweeping too many of our issues under the carpet so that the guests wouldn't have to bear with them when they came to enjoy our gorgeous home. These past few months we've been through a lot of painful battles and we're wounded, we're beaten down, we're broken. I think its time we deal with it, I want us to make love..not war.I may sound idealistic but I think we can do it..we've been through worse, (I shudder when I think of what it took to get rid of that other subjugating woman...!)..I wrote you a little poem...
Blood shed is red,
Land pillaged was once green,
But the desire for peace burns in our hearts,
And for our children we weep...
I'll love you till the end of time,
So Kenya will you please be my valentine xoxoxoxo

Love Luna

Monday, February 04, 2008

everything man

i recently listened to all of Talib Kweli's EARDRUM...dont believe it took me this long to get the full IS TRUTH!! The songs 'Give 'em hell' and 'Hostile Gospel pt1' really stood out for me...but in the midst of another bloggers block I post the lyrics to 'Everything man'.

I don't, remember the first time I heard Kwe-li
I don't remember what I was doing
There were no remembered witnesses to my doings
But it seems like I've known him, forever
He who has, moved through mornings and midnights
Through, deaths and dawns
To document our bones our blood our lives
Listen, listen to his exact wings
Strumming mists from clouds
Listen, listen a man always punctual with his, mouth
Listen to his, revolution of syllables
Scoping lightning from his pores
Keeping time, with his hurricane beat
Asking us to pick ourselves up and become, THUNDER

Yeah, they say you can't please everybody...
Let's go~! Yeah, ay, they ain't know what that sound like

Feel the heartbeat, feel the heartbeat
On your eardrum, we got a new heartbeat
Feel the heartbeat, feel the heartbeat
On your eardrum, we got a new heartbeat

Yo, what becomes of a dream deferred
that never makes it to the world to be seen or heard
Do it breathe? Do it got a heartbeat? Is it alive?
Do it leave, only to become a star in the sky?
I believe, no scratch that I know, this ain't my full potential
Only usin 10 percent of my mental on instrumentals
But incidentally my, energy heavenly
Can he be so ill there ain't no, pill or no remedy
The, maker of memories posess the recipe to your fate
Make no mistake there ain't no escapin your destiny
Especially when, 'til death do us part, like wedding rings
I'll be here forever, put that on e'rything

Your Alpha and your Omega, your beginning and your end
Your father, your brother, your lover your friend
The blood in your vein that gets spilled and, runs in the drain
That's right my flow one and the same, the joy and the pain
My name, the burner that destroy the toy and the train
All city all night I'm enjoyin the fame
I'm a hustler, I'm a gangster and a rebel with the rank of a general
In the battle between God or the Devil
I lay claim to your spirit, your religion, your belief system
I'll do your hit in your kitchen and you're relief pitchin
This kid proficient in, every position
The man of your dreams and your nightmares commandin your vision
'Til it's quite clear like light beer, yeah I'm standin right here
I get you hot but stay cooler than the night air
I try to fit it in the same rhyme
But realize, I can't be everything to everyone at the same time