Wednesday, May 18, 2005

If ever there was heaven on earth...

So im just watching a random documentary and i see this amazing place...i dont know why i havent heard of it..or probably i did but just forgot...but wow...its breathtaking! I hope maybe this picture can capture at least some of the beauty that a tv camera did..I dont even want to think of it in! this to me may be beauty defined! i dont think i could find anywhere better..probabaly different..but im not sure about better..
'And what prey tell is oh so divine?'...i hear thousands of voices screaming ...:
Lake Titicaca- the worlds highest navigable lake (as large as an inland sea- documentary guy said), located in the Andes, between Peru and Bolivia.

It is believed by some archaeologists to be the location of one of the ten kingdoms of the lost continent of Atlantis and i have no problems believing that...Cus if i was creating the world greatest civilisation..methinks this would be a hell of an amazing place to start!

NB: whilst i rant about this ..big ups the land of unmatchable beauty...the parentland do i love thee..i cannot count the ways...Isnt it strange that the biggest musical shout out we have to our unbelievable land was by Roger Whiticker..? he was a clever guy...Where are the local songs about our country..(Eric Wainainas efforts cannot be dismissed...SAWA SAWA -an amazing album! )
maybe guys shud change it up..ive heard enough about 'uko kwa club' and 'compe' ..such things....

overstanding understanding

they told me about 'overstanding'
and i wasnt sure I understood..i mean overstood
did it mean that i was now on top of the thought
with my feet dangling down

not touching the ground..
deeper under...i mean over - standing lifting me to a spiritual realm
where no ellipses dwell..and truth is all they tell?

did it mean that I now did not think about this colour
this pigment and its force
because above that thought I was meant to see that..
the darkness and the money were long divorced
and that it was the former that was created by the latter
but also vice versa..
and that in that matter...
i was to learn that under did not choose a colour
...unless it was green?

did it mean that we all have to go together
to that overstanding place
lifting each other from the understanding
and go I and I to overpower
and overshadow that false truth and..
bring others up,
regardless of their Divinity
minus their affinity,
ignoring their sexuality...
going hand in hand to a higher dignity
as a Humanity ?

sorry, my dictionary does not have it defined..
but I hope I overstood overstanding fine..

Sunday, May 08, 2005

he did it his way

Significance happened this week...and the quote that a friend had as their msn name puts it well 'why is it that death is the only confirmation of life?'.
A high school friend passed away this week...and man what a guy! If theres anything synonomous with everyone I have talked to about it is that we know he went straight to heaven. Besides being just basically the nicest guy I knew, he was so eccentric free spirit who did not care what people thought...if ever there was a male version of Dharma!
Last time I saw him was last year at Villa, was with Paulo and he was with another friend and it was jus polite..He reminded me why I had had a crush on him earlier on in life(x-files unleashed..) and we concluded the day with the plan of meeting to go watch the Pattni trial. I had been looking for guys to go with and finally these guys were with the plan of going to heckle Patto a little sumin...But..I never called and made the plan. It was the usual ' oh ill call him another day ' and when I found out he'd left the country already, I was like ...theres always next summer. But..there wasnt...there isnt...There is just not enough time to keep postponing people and this kind of thing is the real reminder. I now realise that you have to tell people how much you appreciate them now - it could be cheesy as hell, something like a soppy testimonial on hi-5...but in the end at least that person knows that - life would not be the same without them in it.

He is gone...rolling with the cherubims...and I wont get to tell him how kool his mohawk (pointi with a kool??!) looked the last time I saw him..and how his optimism and faith in people was an inspiration....a breath of fresh air for the short time I was exposed to it...Incidentally it was birthday the day he passed...i dont know how incidental that is???...'you know God has a plan when...'
So, I raise my virtual glass to my perpetually tree-hugging friend- wat an orijinaal!...i feel blessed to have known you Khalid...