Friday, January 26, 2007

the Depa(h)rted

So i know every one has said this already and my reaction is kidogo delayed..but the other day I watched 'The Depa(h)rted'

...wah!...yani all i can say BELIEVE THE HYPE!..its excellent - if Scoresaayzeee doesnt score the Oscar with this one then i don't know what will do it for him...I mean theres only so much unrecognised greatness that can be imparted from one person?!?!
If he doesnt win, I think he might jus get in his cah and pahk it in the mahsh !
The movie rekindled a love for Leo and besides the fact that im no longer a teenage girl, i think this is as close as ill get to feeling as i did for him after i watched Romeo and Juliet back in the day. And I loved Mark Wahlberg in it, he was classic, stole the show..his character was just excellent, one of my favourite quotes is when he says
'Im the guy who does his job, you must be the other guy!'
love it...
eXcellent movie no doubt!

and a quote i read in a menu and liked...

Happiness is a state of going
somewhere whole heartedly,
one directionally
without regret or reservation . . .

w.h. sheldon

Monday, January 22, 2007

For a while I hated on Floetry...I love neo-soul but something about 'those Floetry wannabe chics' - the censored version of what I used to call them- really used to irritate the hell out of me... I thought they were too manufactured- the look, the music, the speaking-rapping...and the channel was always swiftly changed when they appeared on the screen or radio...I had an FhD...Floetry Hater Degree...! honours, published thesis..the works!
Until...the song 'Superstar'...Common is on the track so I'm like hmm..perraps perraps...kumbe perraps wapi!? I've actually on some days listened to that song on repeat for like an hour! why listen to other crap when you can listen to quality for 60 minutes non-stop?! ITs no perraps- thats a definite!!
So then I got some more Floetry stuvs from my pal like two months ago..and to be real..these chics rock!..or flo - so to speak!! And as another English group would say "Im lovin it, lovin it, lovin it, I'm lovin it like that!"
Tis a pity it took me this long to realise the beauty of their lyrics and sweet soul rythmisisms!
And then I heard a rumour they broke Its like if you first discover Marvin Gaye and you're like this is IT..this is music!! and then you realise that thats the only authentic IT from Marvin that there'll ever be...Anyway theyre still alive,so if they have actually broken up - these floeticians will surely resolve and create magiK once again...the musical cosmos wouldnt have it any other way..!

Here's lyrics to I'll die from Flo'Ology, its not necessarily my favourite song - but its lyrics are beautiful and meaningful to my now....

I'll Die

We are who we choose to be.

I’m responsible for me.

If I stay right here,
I’ll die inside.
Ran out of tears,
I can barely get by.
It’s fair to say,
That we tried.
You know I wanna stay,
If I do, I’ll die.

Coulda been another one of those,
Coulda made it,
Shoulda made it,
Woulda made it,
Had I gave it,
Just a little bit more of my time.
Just a little focus,
Coulda broke this,
Woulda woke this,
Shoulda choked this,
Had I chose bliss I’dve left this infatuation,
Far behind,
I’ll exchange my mind,
No more wasting time,
This process is mine,
In Your eyes,
My reflection is blind,
In your arms I decide,
This is our last night,
I have to leave you.
I have to be true.
(So long for you and I.)

If I stay right here,
I’ll die inside.
Ran out of tears,
I can barely get by.
It’s fair to say,
That we tried.
You know I wanna stay,
If I do, I’ll die.

Been a addicted,
To the burden of the gifted,
To the sermon of the shifted,
Always praying to be lifted.
Always settling,
Never bettering.
How’m I gonna win,
If I’m not listening.
Always asking for
Never noticing,
Every move I make,
This game’s reacting in,
Perfect symmetry,
I’m my destiny,
Must invest in me,
Or I’m just gonna be,
Victim of circumstance,
All is left to chance,
How can I enhance?
I’m afraid to dance.
I must break this trance,
‘Cause it’s deafening,
So I’m breathing in.
I’m breathing in.
Breath to get control of me.
I have to breath.
I have to be.

If I stay right here,
I’ll die inside.
Ran out of tears,
I can barely get by.
It’s fair to say,
That we tried.
You know I wanna stay,
If I do, I’ll die.

What’s the use of living here,
If I don’t feel alive?
Denied mistakes,
So much I’ve done.
So much to cry.
I cry.

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Friday, January 12, 2007


so im not all that in this poetry thing...'specially when u have friends who are looking Literary prize in poetry-wards (see side tab plugs) but dear goodness ive really tried my whollleee life!! yani forced! So heres another one...And it's long, extreme in parts and confused somewhat..But i shouldn't make excuses...its my blog anyway!..bah! anyway even read three lines and ive acheived something!!

Symptoms ? (not even sure bout this title..?)

I keep hearing people quoting the declaration of human rights,
But then I keep seeing people dying in a war they didn't choose to fight,
A Human race so caught up in one kind of mans ideal,
One that feeds him too well, while too many others are scrapping for a meal..
But conscience and opportunity may compel him to aid- he is driven by a vision,
Helping with the water, flour, yellow corn -it provides some nutrition,
But it may only keep some alive long enough to see their country dying...
In the beginning,the pastor and his cross and his church came to help,
But after he had destroyed their pagan homes,saved their souls,
Stolen their native speech,and what was right - he did teach,
...pastor left.....and now... the well is drying
Now they are all junkies-smoking that opium of the masses, they smoke it well,
Better in fact than some of pastors twice removed brethren..
And although they may question,in their pain God gives solace,
So although He came on a boat riding in a Book, He is still the King,they desire His palace.
But today we are facing a new kind of hate,
The pagans now wear scarves and turbans...instead of bone necklaces and bloody paint,
They read their book back to front, that has to be wrong...
They tried to to invade the city...that cant happen..the last foreigner who tried that was King Kong!
And look what happened to him..tranquillized into submission,
This time the 'evil ones' have gotten personal,they wont just sleep..
It so unfortunate that there may be some women and children in the collateral,
Press release:'its a pity they were caught in the Smart Bombs transition,
But those heathens..they blew up the towers in the Apple',
But who exactly is the heathen if the towers had the power of Babel?
Anyway...i think it seems that the darker your skin the less it matters if you die,
Death of the black son,doesn't shed much light on today's youth plight,
Its the white boy shot down in the school that will make news tonight,
None of those deaths are just,no lives shouldn't have been lost
But Mummy and Daddy are at work from seven to ten,
The babysitter watching TV doesn't know about how the net may stain,
Provide a kin he has never known...upload ideas into his brain,
Lead him to commit sins that his mind doesn't own,
And from the Jezebel parade, no respect for female does he gain...
Mummy's not at home, so all he sees is the jaded barbie,
So to him women are hoes, they are bitches...their degradation is free.
Another symptom of this soul sick world,side effects from the neglect of the soul and mind,
A creation of a disgraced humankind....
If you speak about the torture chambers,planned murders,a scapegoat Pattni,
Hung poets,stoned faggots,lynched niggers,starved prisoners,Minister pusher,molested altar boys,
First world poverty,silenced heresy,the corrupt IMF,Tupac in Cuba or the Illuminati,
They say you're a waste of time,the clock doesn't tick with enough time for theories of conspiracy,
Go back to work, push that paper,push that button,go for quantity,
Because the ones on the top need their money- golfing trips in the the Caymans aren't free!
'Don't worry we make this money to trickle down to the masses eventually,
But only after its been through me,my son,my grandson and his family,'
While you upgrade your wants, many cannot afford their means,
They have to downgrade their dreams,
Shell,Coca-Cola,the Mafia,CID,CIA,MI5,KKK,KGB
All organised crime, same games, different names.
Seems to me what we need is a change in mentality,
We need to practice some trickle up morality.
Too many people are living in disparity,
With no way to help themselves- nothing to improve their life quality.

Mother Natures womb regrets the days she carried this earth,
She fears she birthed a devil spawn,she no longer shes it worth,
For this world her sadness runs deep, for its children- she weeps...
Is this what we are?..a soiled foetus abandoned by its mother,
Searching the galaxy for another hand that feeds,another to bite?
We are, we do... but I pray that we wont go down without a fight.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

the other 'to the left' song...

so Ms. Badus a little crazy sometimes...but always lyrically locked down...And she beat Beyonce to the chase...

I'm gettin' tired of your Shit
You don't never buy me nothin'
See Everytime you come around
You got to bring Jim, James, Paul, & Tyrone
See why can't we be by ourselves, sometimes
See I've been having this on my mind
For a long time
I just want it to be
You and me
Like It used to be, Baby
But ya don't know how to act
So matter of fact

I think ya better call Tyrone
Call Him
And Tell him come on, Help you get your Shit (Come On, Come on)
You need to Call Tyrone
Call Him
And tell him I said come on

Now everytime I ask you for a little cash
You say no and turn right around and ask me for some ass
Oh, Well hold up
Listen partna
I ain't no cheap thrill
Cause Miss Badu is always comin' for real
And you know the deal
Everytime we go somewhere
I gotta reach down in my purse
To pay your way and your homeboys way

And sometimes your cousin's way
They don't never have to pay
Don't have no cars
Hang around in bars
Try to hang around with stars
Like Badu
I'm gon' tell you the truth
Show and prove
or get the boot

I think ya better,
Call Him
And tell him come on
Help you get your shit
You need to call Tyrone
Call Him

Hold On....But ya can't use my phone

Monday, January 08, 2007


full of grace

rise, beautiful face,
gift ribbons and dip in lace,
honeyglaze...make so good to taste,
like sun...make planets towards-gravitate,
charismatically, magnetically draw all into cosmic space,
thousand moons orbit universal base,
tracing revolutions, reaching for astronomical embrace.
fall...for a second and redeem for an eternity,
vanish hope then relinquish and rise against gravity,
break heart then mend...with simple humanity,
be colour of light...intangible yet so bright.